Historic Farm Days

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Historic Farm Days Events

Thursday, July 12

6pm - Twilight Tractor Drive

     Departs I&I Showgrounds at 6pm for 19 mile drive

     Contact Ed Winkelman - 217-898-2512

     Registration - $20.00

     Download Registration Form Here

6pm - Mini Rods/Antique Classes Tractor Pull

     in Grandstand

Friday, July 13

10am - Tractor Games

     in Grandstand

KIDS DAY!!! - North of Log Cabin

12-7pm - Obstacle Course & Putt-Putt Golf

2-4pm - Bingo

     School Cafeteria

6pm - Marvin Lee & Logan Kirby Country Show

          on the Premier Cooperative Stage

Saturday, July 14

10am - Tractor Games

     in Grandstand

12-7pm - Kids' Obstacle Course & Putt-Putt Golf

     North of Log Cabin

3-6pm - Wes Wheeler & The Battle Creek Band

           on the Premier Cooperative Stage

6pm - IPA Sanctioned Tractor Pull, followed by Steam Engine Spark Show & Fireworks

          in the Grandstand

Sunday, July 15

9:30-11am - Marvin Lee Church Service

             at former Penfield United Methodist Church on Showgrounds

             Corner of Busey and Franklin St.

(Schedule Subject to Change)